First integrated current sensor with Sigma Delta bitstream output

11-05-2022 | LEM | Test & Measurement

LEM has launched the HMSR DA, the first Integrated Current Sensor on the market to provide a Sigma Delta bitstream output. As the latest model of the HMSR family, it is being unveiled at the PCIM Europe 2022 power electronics exhibition.

The device offers significant benefits when employed in applications prone to noise, distortion and interference. The new product has been developed to offer a solution to industries needing clean signals and facing considerable problems in vibrations, electric noise and electromagnetic noise, for example.

Specific advantages of an Integrated Current Sensor with digital output comprise superior signal share and less noise and lower cost, and a smaller mechanical footprint. It will replace far more complex and expensive alternative systems that would traditionally incorporate a shunt resistor, a digital insulator and a power supply circuit. Having all these features included into a single unit makes the device a far more attractive option for applications where space is at a premium, and minimal cost is crucial.

Typical applications for the digital output unit incorporate standalone servo drives, AGVs, robotics, sewing machines, CNC machine tools, and other applications that demand high-resolution output. The new HMSR DA sensor, which offers a resolution of 11 to 13 bits and provides a 10MHz clock, is the company's first step toward constructing a digital Integrated Current Sensor roadmap. The company is currently working on the next generation of digital Integrated Circuit Sensors, which will provide a resolution of 14 to 16 bits and a clock operating above 20MHz.

”Digitalisation is the future, and we are proud at LEM to be at the forefront of digital Integrated Current Sensor technology. We know that power electronics engineers, who are often faced with challenges such as noise, distortion and interference, will warmly welcome this compact and low-cost alternative compared with solutions that are currently on the market,” said Bastien Musy, VP of Global Product Management for LEM. “Our developers have created an Integrated Current Sensor that takes the sector to a whole new level, and they will continue to produce solutions that push the boundaries and deliver in highly demanding applications where competing products in the market traditionally struggle.”

PCIM 2022, Hall 9, Stand 202, 10-12 May 2022.

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