New industrial SD memory card controller with extended security features

Hyperstone has released its new S9 family of SD and microSD memory card controllers. In the tradition of its aspiration to offer the most reliable NAND flash controllers, the famil

Semiconductors | 10-03-2022

Low power industrial SSD controller offers superb reliability

Hyperstone’s X1 SSD flash memory controller has been rigorously tested in sudden power fail situations and for reliability, providing excellent FIT rates. The industrial flash cont

Semiconductors | 18-11-2019

Low power SSD controller provides reliable 3D Flash support

Hyperstone has introduced its new X1 – SATA III SSD controller. The X1 is created to fully meet industrial demands and is aimed at high-reliability and low power SSDs, M.2 and U.2

Products | 14-02-2019

Secure fingerprint USB is made possible with controller and API software

Biolog Device´s highly secure fingerprint USB features Hyperstone´s U9 flash memory controller. The company has chosen their controller and API to support the BFU100A´s design due

Products | 30-11-2017

Flash memory controller offers highly reliable application even in extreme conditions

Hyperstone announces that TERZ Industrial Electronics has integrated the company´s U8 USB controller into their KALIBER-XS Flash drives. Oliver Opl, CEO of TERZ Industrial Elec

Products | 20-11-2017