Low power industrial SSD controller offers superb reliability

18-11-2019 | Hyperstone | Semiconductors

Hyperstone’s X1 SSD flash memory controller has been rigorously tested in sudden power fail situations and for reliability, providing excellent FIT rates. The industrial flash controller with hyMap firmware, hyReliability features and full SATA compliance is now available. As well as comprehensive NAND flash support for industrial applications, the company gives extensive health monitoring tools facilitating advanced system-level qualifications.

The controller, together with firmware and reference designs, allows storage applications for industrial and embedded markets. This enables them to profit from the most energy-efficient and reliable SSD solution possible. The powerful and efficient proprietary dual-core processor with advanced security features assures bulletproof operation. The company's eXtended Endurance (FlashXE) feature, SRAM ECC and end-to-end data path protection are essential in guaranteeing an industrially stable system with today’s flashes. Also, the device features remarkably low power consumption, and the silicon is intended for extreme temperature environments.

“Even the most reliable components, if used 24 hours, 365 days and for ten years, might have to be serviced at some point,” said Sandro-Diego Wölfle, product manager, Hyperstone. “We provide exhaustive health-monitoring tools and data exceeding the standard SMART scope for predictive maintenance as well as for thorough qualification and life-time estimation before deploying storage media to the field.”

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