High-efficiency and fast charging IC for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries

HMI has launched its HL7137, a cutting-edge dual-phase 7.5A, 34W direct charger IC with 2:1 CP (charge pump) designed especially for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries used in smartph

Power | 21-06-2024

Single-channel high-side switch is ideal for automotive applications

HMI has launched its HL8518, a single-chip 80mOhm high-side switch ideal for automotive applications requiring power switches for low-wattage lamps, high-side relays and valves, an

Semiconductors | 13-05-2024

Industry’s smallest SIM card level translator

HMI has launched its HL5301WL01, a SIM card level translator with level shifting and IEC610004-2 electrostatic charge protection for SIM card ports. The translator integrates two u

Semiconductors | 17-04-2024