High energy slimline batteries offer extended off-the-shelf range

Accutronics now offers four new pre-engineered Thin Cell 3V primary (non-rechargeable) batteries to electronic design engineers and OEMs in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Produced by

Power | 01-09-2021

New smart batteries for medical and professional industrial applications

Accutronics offers a new range of smart batteries for the European market in medical, industrial and other professional electronic devices. Manufactured by the company’s US-based p

Power | 01-06-2020

Smallest ever medical / portables battery and charger set unveiled

Battery specialist, Accutronics has launched its smallest ever medical battery and charger set. The CC1150 mini credit card battery meets the trend in the medical and instrumentati

Power | 01-06-2015

High-capacity Lithium-ion smart batteries for next-generation portable power needs

The industry demand for longer running, smaller and lighter handheld equipment has prompted USA based battery manufacturer Inspired Energy to launch the HD34 range of high-capacity

Products | 21-05-2015