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How do FPGA manufacturers protect their devices against counterfeiting and theft of IP? By Tony Storey, Applications Engineer, Digi-Key The shift from vertical integration to a... More
Apr 29, 2015 By Tony Storey
Mouser Electronics has teamed up with celebrity engineer Grant Imahara and experts in the space industry to launch an exciting new Space Exploration Series and Space Challenge... More
Apr 29, 2015 By Paul Whytock
We all know the scenario, the lightening quick juggling of various bottles of booze that miraculously deposit measures of alcohol into a cocktail shaker which then produces a very... More
Apr 23, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Intelligent fabrics that can change colour, charge a phone and keep you warm in cold weather are not so much the future of fashion but the here and now of sartorial progress.... More
Apr 16, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Most of us have heard of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Cern in Switzerland, the machine tasked with job of smashing particles of matter together to simulate the conditions in... More
Apr 10, 2015 By Paul Whytock
The 34th floor of the London Shard was the location chosen by test and measurement specialists Keysight Technologies and Microlease, the instrumentation equipment management... More
Apr 8, 2015 By Paul Whytock
We journalists are spoilt creatures. We get invited to some very nice places to consume some extremely toothsome cuisine while hearing about and subsequently sitting in judgment... More
Mar 31, 2015 By Paul Whytock
I'm an old-school driver. I like to feel that it's me in charge of the car not a lot of invisible electronics and software that are switching my lights and wipers on when they... More
Mar 25, 2015 By Paul Whytock
A fully encapsulated digital DC/DC PMBus power module that has a heat dissipation design that means power components sit directly on a copper lead frame allowing maximum power... More
Mar 17, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Reduction in the amount of wasted electrical energy consumed globally is recognised as a key environmental objective and power devices that are used in electrical energy... More
Mar 10, 2015 By Paul Whytock
Too expensive, cold looking and not as durable as some of the sales hype would have you believe. These are still doubts that keep consumers dithering over whether to invest in LED... More
Mar 5, 2015 By Paul Whytock
With nearly 900 exhibiting companies the Embedded World show in Nuremberg provides technology insights that will pretty much suit every visitor’s needs. This event has always... More
Feb 26, 2015 By Paul Whytock

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