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Developments in light emitting diode (LED) lighting, buoyed by the phase out of halogen lamp products in the EU from September 1, are continuing apace. Although replacing halogen... More
Nov 13, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike
Computers that produce far less heat yet compute at higher frequencies than today’s machines are possible with spin waves, signals that propagate due to magnetic fields, not... More
Nov 9, 2018 By Rob Coppinger
The market for advanced surge protection devices (SPDs) is growing rapidly as vendors look to increase the safety of electrical systems. A report from Global Market Insights, Inc.... More
Nov 7, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike
Electronics that can monitor a person’s physiological and biochemical signals for disease but have no battery because they are powered by the patient’s own glucose have been... More
Nov 2, 2018 By Rob Coppinger
The DNA genome that makes us humans tick is vastly complicated and just writing down the entire genetic code would fill around one million pages of very small type. Analysing all... More
Nov 2, 2018 By Paul Whytock
A new generation of memory burn-in-testers that are intended to meet the increase in global customer demand for server and mobile storage solutions, is coming on to the market.... More
Oct 31, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike
Building molecular electronics with individual molecules using synthetic Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) origami nanostructures that self-assemble is the goal of researchers at the... More
Oct 25, 2018 By Rob Coppinger
By May 2021, new safety standards for collaborating industrial robotic systems are expected to be in place, amid rising concerns about operator safety in the industrial workplace... More
Oct 23, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike
Everything we use is manufactured on our planet. Even if the temperature, environmental atmosphere, and pressure can be increased beyond Earth normal, other factors are locked.... More
Oct 19, 2018 By Christian Cawley
New generation Bluetooth beacons with longer battery life and longer range will allow for easy deployment of smart logistics and location services. A recent report from... More
Oct 17, 2018 By Nnamdi Anyadike
Millions of us would have seen or heard about the latest IPCC report on global warming, the content of which was extremely scary to say the least. In simple terms if things don't... More
Oct 16, 2018 By Paul Whytock
Boron nitride is a semiconductor that could be used to make electrical equipment able to convert power more efficiently than silicon wafer technologies, up to three to 4% more... More
Oct 15, 2018 By Rob Coppinger

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