NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang: Every Company Will Be an ‘Intelligence Manufacturer’

24-05-2024 | By Jack Pollard

AI heralds a new era of innovation for every business in every industry, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang said Monday during an appearance at Dell Technologies World. “We now have the ability to manufacture intelligence,” Huang said during an on-stage conversation with Dell CEO Michael Dell. “The last industrial revolution was the manufacturing of software; previously, it was manufacturing electricity — now we are manufacturing intelligence.”

Together with Michael Dell, ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott and Samsung SDS President and CEO Hwang Sung-woo, Huang shared his insights on the transformative impact of generative AI on the global economy and various industries.

“Every company at its foundation is intelligence — fundamentally every company is an intelligence manufacturer,” Huang emphasized, underscoring the potential of AI to create digital intelligence. During the keynote, Dell and NVIDIA announced a slew of updates to the Dell AI Factory.

Dell AI Factory Expansion

Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) expands the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA to include new server, edge, workstation, solutions, and services advancements that speed AI adoption and innovation.

“Organisations are moving quickly to capture the AI opportunity, which is why our collaboration with NVIDIA is so important,” said Michael Dell, founder and CEO, Dell Technologies. “Our expansion of the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA continues our joint mission – we’re making it easy for organisations to implement AI so they can move boldly into this next technological revolution.”

“Generative AI requires a new type of computing infrastructure – an AI factory that produces intelligence,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO, NVIDIA. “Together, NVIDIA and Dell are providing the world’s industries with a full-stack offering – including computing, networking, and software – that drives the co-pilots, coding assistants, virtual customer service agents, and industrial digital twins of the digital enterprise.”

New AI Innovations Announced

The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA integrates Dell’s leading AI portfolio with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, underpinned by NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs, NVIDIA Spectrum-X Ethernet networking fabric, and NVIDIA Bluefield DPUs. Customers can purchase integrated capabilities tailored to their needs or pre-validated, full-stack solutions to get them started on AI use cases that require accelerated performance like RAG, model training, and inferencing. Advancements to the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA allow organisations to:

Use Advanced Compute Power

The new Dell PowerEdge XE9680L delivers high performance with support for eight NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs in a smaller 4U form factor. The server provides the highest possible rack-scale density for NVIDIA GPUs in an industry-standard x86 rack, offering 33% more GPU density per node. The platform offers 20% more PCIe Gen. 5 slots and double the North/South network expansion capacity. Direct liquid cooling (DLC) improves overall efficiency with greater cooling capacity for CPUs and GPUs. The PowerEdge XE9680L is designed for easy serviceability and will be available fully configured with advanced factory integration for rack-scale deployments and onsite installation.

Accelerate Edge AI Application Deployment

Dell NativeEdge is the first edge orchestration platform that automates the delivery of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, helping developers and IT operators easily deploy AI applications and solutions at the edge. Businesses from manufacturers to retailers can quickly and accurately analyse their edge data with new Dell NativeEdge deployment blueprints which include NVIDIA Metropolis video analytics, NVIDIA Riva speech and translation capabilities, and NVIDIA NIM inference microservices.

Simplify AI Application Development

The new Dell Generative AI Solution for Digital Assistants helps speed deployment of digital assistants that deliver a personalised self-service experience for end users on a full-stack Dell and NVIDIA solution. Implementation Services for Digital Assistants help organisations design, plan, implement, test, and scale the solution. Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA solutions help organisations quickly stand up AI environments for a variety of use cases with full-stack deployment automation engineered in collaboration with NVIDIA. Full-stack automation reduces the time to value by up to 86% compared to doing it yourself. When combined with NVIDIA NIM inference microservices, the overall time from delivery to running inferencing jobs is even further reduced. NIM microservices provide enterprise developers production-ready, optimised inference engines for popular AI models available from NVIDIA and its partner ecosystem.

The Future of AI with Dell and NVIDIA

“Our research shows that organisations seek IT simplification, but are challenged to achieve it. AI, while promising simplification, brings its own set of complexities including choice, data quality, consistency, and security. Having a proven, one-stop shop to help stand up the infrastructure, software, and services needed to realise value from AI can reduce risk and lower costs,” said Dave Vellante, chief analyst, theCUBE Research. “Dell’s end-to-end capabilities are a core differentiator that we believe will translate to AI. The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA is a leading example of an AI solution designed to simplify adoption for emerging AI workloads.”


  • Dell PowerEdge XE9680L servers will be available in the second half of 2024.
  • Dell NativeEdge deployment blueprints for NVIDIA will be available globally starting in the second half of 2024.
  • Dell Generative AI Solution for Digital Assistants and Implementation Services for Digital Assistants are available now in North America.
  • Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA automated deployment capabilities enabled through Dell professional services will be available in the second half of 2024. NVIDIA NIM microservices are available today.
  • Dell Accelerator Services for RAG on Precision AI Workstations are available in late May in the United States.

Huang said: "Together, Dell and NVIDIA will bring these capabilities to companies, help stand it up, and help develop new applications that enterprises can deploy. Our partnership between us is really about that, literally from the ground up building AI factories and delivering it to the world’s enterprises as a solution".


The collaboration between Dell and NVIDIA signifies a monumental leap in AI innovation, providing comprehensive solutions that enable organisations to harness the full potential of AI. This partnership is set to drive the next technological revolution, transforming businesses across industries.

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By Jack Pollard

Jack has spent over a decade in media within the electronics industry and is extremely passionate about working with companies to create interesting and educational content, from podcasts and video to written articles for engineers and buyers.