Robin Mitchell

Robin Mitchell is an electronic engineer who has been involved in electronics since the age of 13. After completing a BEng at the University of Warwick, Robin moved into the field of online content creation, developing articles, news pieces, and projects aimed at professionals and makers alike. Currently, Robin runs a small electronics business, MitchElectronics, which produces educational kits and resources.

Could RADAR solve image privacy?

A recent announcement by Google shows that Google will use RADAR for gestures and determining to track sleep. What challenges do image-based systems face, what is Google developing

Privacy | 28-03-2021

UK and EU move to Right to Repair

Recently, the EU announced the introduction of a new Right to Repair act with the UK following the same outline. How do modern manufacturing techniques contribute to e-waste, what


London to Receive £1.5m for Air Sensor Network Project

Recently, Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Mayor of London announced a joint venture which will see £1.5m invested in creating an air quality sensor network. What challenges does a


Samsung Starts Development on Chips for Google’s Self-Driving Company

Recently, Samsung has begun development on producing core semiconductor products for Waymo. Who is Waymo, what is Samsung developing, and how will Google’s technology work? Samsung


US Regulators Single Out Tesla, and Tesla Testing New Auto-Driving Features

Recently, US regulators have been singling out Tesla when requesting tighter rules on autonomous driving systems. What levels of autonomous driving are there, what challenges does


Samsung asks Texas for a big deal – They should take it!

Recently, Samsung has been reported as sending an “ultimatum-like” deal to the state of Texas for its next semiconductor production facility. What challenges has the semiconductor


Fujitsu & Kyoto University Create AI DNA Disorder Detection System

Recently, Fujitsu and Kyoto University developed a system that uses AI to detect genetic disorders in DNA samples. What challenges does sequencing DNA present, what has Fujitsu dev


Researchers Deploy Motion Tracking to 3D Printer to Allow for Printing of Sensors Onto Organs

Researchers have recently combined motion tracking technology with a 3D printer to create a printer then print onto moving body parts. What advantages do printable sensors provide,


IMEC Demonstrates Buried Power Rails in FinFET CMOS

Recently, IMEC announced functioning devices using a new technique of burying power rails below active devices. What is a buried power rail, what did IMEC demonstrate, and why are