Christian Cawley

Christian Cawley is a freelance technology writer, with a background in healthcare and financial services industries. He writes extensively online, and contributes to print periodicals and specials.

Could Facial Recognition Privacy Issues Constrain Augmented Reality?

Facial recognition is a key element of augmented reality, processed using various artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems. But with so much photographic data bein

Privacy | 22-07-2019

How Sensors Can Enhance IoT Projects

Building an IoT project almost always relies on the inclusion of at least one sensor. Perhaps it requires a trigger or the constant collection of data. Typical IoT sensors include


Is the Future of Automobile Really EV?

The electric vehicle has long been touted as the future of the automobile. After all, the internal combustion engine is considered inefficient and dirty, unsustainable as a technol


3 New Materials Created by Off-Earth Manufacturing

The space race is no longer the province of nations or pan-continental unions. In the 21st century, corporations are investing in the vehicles and infrastructure needed to profit f


How Facial Recognition Software Needs to Improve, Fast

The future of facial recognition promises so much. Security, direct marketing, improvements in AI, to name but a few. But all is not well in the world of facial recognition. Issues


How Augmented Reality Will Enhance the Way We Work in the 21st Century

For years, virtual reality has been posited as the solution to several technological challenges. From architecture to surgery, Virtual reality (VR) has been rightly lauded. But at


Cypress and Mouser Offer Free Bluetooth Mesh Kits to IoT Developers

CYW20819 Arduino Eval Boards and Bluetooth Mesh Eval Kits have been made available free to developers by Cypress Partners and Mouser Electronics as part of a maker-centric giveaway


New Generation of Security Challenges for the Modern Business

Information Technology departments are usually on the ball when it comes to traditional threats. Bad passwords, viruses, and website whitelists are all par for the course. Managing

Security | 14-05-2019

How Autonomous Technology Is Being Stimulated By Competitive Sport

We're promised a future of autonomous vehicles, drones that will take us (and whatever else is needed) from A to B without accidents. With a number of high-profile accidents involv