About Electropages

Electropages is a digital content platform that delivers real time new product news to the global electronics industry. Established in 1999, Electropages distributes product news to established component buying engineers and designers all over the world. The Electropages service brings buyers and sellers together within a dedicated professional forum which delivers the right information to the right person at exactly the right time, generating powerful sales leads. Electropages is growing rapidly with over 75K registered users who have individually requested the weekly “product update” newsletter which is regularly distributed to them by e-mail as well as a Push Notification through the Electropages News Apps.

Electropages is one of the only publishers to invest in Mobile apps with some 123,000 individuals actively using Electropages via Android and iOS. Visit your store of choice to download the Electropages App free of charge.

Recipients of the Electropages weekly newsletter include Design Engineers, Development Engineers, Avionic Engineers, Chief Technologists, R&D Directors, CEOs, Hardware Engineers, Technical Managers, RF & Comms Engineers, Application Engineers, Research Engineers, Purchasing Managers, Product Development Managers and Control Process Engineers.

Meet the team

Brian Butler photo

Brian Butler

New Products Editor

Brian started out serving as an apprentice electronics technician on commercial and MoD systems, later progressing into freelance contracting with diverse leading-edge OEMs and specialist SMEs. Brian then moved into trade media as a Features and News Editor for IPC Magazines' Practical Electronics, prior to becoming the Founding Editor of Electropages in 1999.

Paul Whytock photo

Paul Whytock

European Editor

Paul reported extensively on the electronics industry in Europe, the United States and the Far East for over twenty years. He qualified in electrical, mechanical and production engineering at the Ford Motor Company Engineering School and prior to entering journalism he worked as a design engineer at Ford locations in England, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Sally Ward-Foxton photo

Sally Ward-Foxton

Features Editor

Sally has a Masters’ degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Cambridge, and has been writing about the electronics industry for over a decade. She covers all areas of the electronics industry, and has had articles published in industry leading publications, including; Electronic Design Europe, Microwaves & RF, Electronic Specifier and many more.

Mark Durham photo

Mark Durham

Advertising Manager

Mark is a highly experience senior sales manager, and he is well known throughout the electronics industry. He has a strong understanding of both the online and mobile engagement levels of electronics engineers and designers. Mark's knowledge and input is valued by industry marketeers who respect and appreciate his online marketing expertise.

Natasha Shek photo

Natasha Shek

Office Manager

Natasha has been with Electropages for over 4 years and has a strong understanding of the electronics industry. With 13 years experience in business, administration and marketing, Natasha is perfectly poised to manage client and team coordination at Electropages. She also maintains up to date articles and keeps day to day life at Electropages running smoothly and efficiently.

Craig Dyball photo

Craig Dyball

Craig began his career working for a leading electronics PR Agency based in the UK. He soon moved on to working within the electronics B2B industry, showcasing his unique approach to creating PR images that began to appear across the world's leading trade journals. In 1999, Craig approached Brian Butler with the proposal of launching an online journal to serve Design Engineers with the latest product news - Electropages was born.