Wide product range for digital automation and energy management available now

26-06-2024 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser stocks Schneider Electric's latest products. This global distribution partnership supports customers in developing solutions for industrial automation, energy and infrastructure, data centres, and residential applications.

The company stocks more than 3,000 different Schneider Electric products and has more than 15,500 part numbers available to order. The Schneider Electric Harmony XVSV editable voice alarms are commonly used signalling products for a wide range of applications, including construction machines, elevators, advanced automated guided vehicles, and parking automatic payment machines. The alarms balance high performance with ease of use, delivering editable sound through free software via an SD card.

The Schneider Electric Altivar ATS480 soft starters are created to protect and extend the lifetime of connected devices. The product line provides a voltage range of 208V to 690V, and the soft starters support a range of applications, including water and wastewater, mining materials and metals, and energies and chemicals. The Altivar ATV212 variable speed drives deliver reliable, energy-efficient performance for HVAC applications in buildings. The drives support fans, pumps, and compressors, improving energy efficiency and simplifying building management.

The Harmony XVB series light towers are also stocked. Providing flexible construction of up to five lens units, the series light towers supply visual and audible signalling units to indicate a machine's status at a distance and with 360° of visibility. The light towers are an excellent choice for industrial automation applications, control cabinets, manufacturing, and safety monitoring.


By Seb Springall

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