Three-phase EMC filters designed for motor and power drive systems

18-06-2024 | EMIS | Power

EMIS offers a range of three-phase, dual-stage EMC filters designed for motor and power drive systems. The TMF3221/TMF3222 family can deliver superior attenuation performance and suppress conducted noise even when high interference levels are present.

The devices are housed in a convenient and space-saving slim book-shelf enclosure, which may be installed next to inverters, converters or motor drives. The devices are created to fulfil the needs of power drive applications, including machinery and machine tools, worldwide.

Typical applications include three-phase servo drives, machine tools and machinery, IT power distribution networks, inverters and converters, wind turbines, process automation equipment, elevators, and three-phase power supplies.

The TMF3221 provides standard attenuation performance and the TMF3222 delivers high attenuation performance. The TMF3222HV are HV version filters specifically designed for high voltage applications.


By Seb Springall

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