Second-gen automotive grade inductor with integrated EMI shield in 4040 case size

13-06-2024 | Vishay | Passives

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has expanded its IHLE series of low-profile, high-current inductors featuring integrated E-field shields with a new second-generation Automotive Grade device in the 10mm x 10mm 4040 case size. Providing an improved shield design over previous-generation solutions and polarity marked for more consistent EMI performance, the Vishay Dale IHLE-4040DDEW-5A lowers costs and saves board space by potentially eradicating the necessity for separate board-level Faraday shielding.

Compared to conventional composite inductors, the device contains the electric and magnetic fields associated with EMI in a tin-plated copper integrated shield. When the shield is connected to ground, the device provides up to 20dB reduction in radiated noise interference, and a further 6dB reduction in magnetic flux leakage to minimise crosstalk to nearby board components. The inductor features continuous high-temperature operation to +155C and improved operating and isolation voltage ratings of 75V and 100V, respectively.

The power inductor is optimised for energy storage in switch mode power supplies and provides exceptional noise attenuation when used as a DC power line choke. AEC-Q200 qualified, it is created for filtering and DC-DC conversion in entertainment/navigation systems, LED drivers, and noise suppression for motors, automotive DCUs, and other noise-sensitive applications.

Packaged in a 100% lead (Pb)-free, magnetically shielded, iron alloy encapsulant, the device provides high resistance to thermal shock, moisture, and mechanical shock from the additional mounting support provided by its two shield terminals. The inductor is RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green.


By Seb Springall

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