New metallised polypropylene film capacitors are available now

03-06-2024 | Rutronik | Power

The MKP385e series from Vishay complements Rutronik's capacitor portfolio for demanding applications. The metallised polypropylene film capacitors are created for a particularly long service life under harsh conditions. They offer capacitances from 0.001µF to 15µF, a low ESR of 4mOhm (at 100kHz) and high ripple current capabilities of up to 19A. The series ensures compliance with IEC 60384-17 and is AEC-200Q Revision D and RoHS compliant. The capacitors are particularly suited to the automotive sector (HEV and EV).

These capacitors are available in eight rated voltages from 400VDC to 2500VDC, with capacitors rated 630VDC and below having a mono structure and capacitors rated above 630VDC having a series film structure. They are installed in compact housings to save space and are excellent for onboard and inductive charging processes, battery management and keyless systems, damping elements, resonant converters or power supplies. The components can be customised on request.


By Seb Springall

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