Extended temperature ratings give longer life to power relays

23-05-2024 | Omron | Power

Omron Electronic Components Europe has addressed the demand for denser packed onboard relays with the introduction of higher temperature relays that supply Class-F coil insulation.

Extending the G5NB-1A4-EL-HA from Class B to Class F, the G5NB-1A4-EL-HA-CF type provides 5A switching from -40C to 105C PCB in a fully sealed power relay. The new relays permit a higher density of parts by functioning at higher temperatures than their predecessors.

Fully sealed, the G5NB-1A4-EL-HA-CF type relays provide a longer lifetime in environments up to 85. Alternatively, they can deliver the same lifetime as existing G5NB-E relays in much harsher temperature environments.

VDE approval standards rate the Class F relay up to 50Kops at 105C and up to 100Kops at 85C.

Applications vary from HVAC and heat pumps, through domestic cooking equipment, washing machines and refrigerators, to industrial devices such as PLCs, I/O terminals and temperature controllers.


By Seb Springall

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