Wide range of high-performance memory products are now available

18-04-2024 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive & Transport

Mouser has announced that it has entered a distribution agreement with Macronix International Co., Ltd. The company designs and manufactures an expansive range of NOR Flash and NAND Flash products for diverse applications from computing, consumer, networking, and industrial to mobile, embedded, automotive, medical devices and IoT.

"Macronix's world-class portfolio of unique, high-performance products aligns well with our line card and customer base," said Kristin Schuetter, vice president of Supplier Management at Mouser Electronics. "We look forward to providing engineers and buyers worldwide with their innovative embedded memory solutions, backed by Mouser's best-in-class logistics and unsurpassed customer service."

"Macronix is a leader in non-volatile memories, and we are excited to partner with Mouser to expand our presence in the market," said J.T. Chung, vice president of Worldwide Sales at Macronix. "With Mouser's world-class distribution channel and support, we are confident we will be able to enhance our customer base as well as expand our reach globally. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Mouser."

Mouser is stocking a wide range of the company's memory solutions. The MX25S 1.2V serial NOR flash offers ultra-low power consumption, effectively extending battery life. MX25S components are provided in densities from 4Mb to 128Mb and offered in compact packages, such as USON, WLCSP or Known Good Die (KGD), that can be used with SiP solutions. These devices are ideal for health monitoring applications, wireless devices, IoT, wearables and more.

Macronix MX25R ultra-low-power serial NOR flash is a family of memory products with a wide voltage input range (1.65V to 3.6V), suitable for use in a wide variety of IoT and other energy-conscious applications, such as wearable and mobile devices.

The MX25Ux/MX66Ux 1.8V and MX25Lx/MX66LM 3V OctaFlash NOR flash are extreme speed memory products built on an SPI and command protocol, providing extendable I/O capability. Macronix OctaFlash, built on OctaBus technology, is ideal for bus sharing, which enables simplicity in system design while optimising PCB space, resulting in significant cost savings. These NOR flash devices are ideal for OTA update applications, which are becoming more prevalent within automotive and IoT solutions.


By Seb Springall

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