New series of LEDs with integrated controllers

10-04-2024 | Wurth | Industrial

Würth Elektronik now supplies WL-ICLED, a new series of RGB LEDs with an integrated controller (IC). The components, controllable as pixels, combine a red, green and blue LED with a programmable controller IC. The intelligent LEDs, obtainable in four designs, are individually controllable in their pixel colour and brightness levels from 0% to 100%.

Over 16 million different colour and brightness levels can be set with the new RGB LEDs. They are compatible with open-source libraries such as FastLED. As fewer components (such as series resistors) are needed, display solutions with intelligent LEDs are not only quicker to implement, but they are also more compact than solutions with separate LEDs. Applications for the components include signal control systems, full-colour matrix displays, audio and gaming systems, indoor lighting and displays on e-mobility charging stations. The following designs are now obtainable: 2020 Chip LED compact, 3210 Chip LED Side View, 2121 PLCC6 with bypass and 5050 PLCC4.

In contrast to comparable solutions already on the market, the company’s intelligent LEDs with an MSL3 moisture sensitivity level (rather than MSL5a or MSL6 commonly found) are less moisture sensitive during assembly. Some of the components comply with protection class IPx7, so they can even be submerged for a short time without damage. Another quality feature of the LED chipsets is the gold coating on the ‘Chip LED’ models and silver coating for PLCC models, which leads to better solderability. Offered in 8-bit and 12-bit versions, the intelligent LEDs offer more options for PWM resolution.

Photobiological test reports in accordance with EN 62471:2008 and IEC 62471:2006 are obtainable for all models in the product group. This may be relevant if the intelligent LEDs are used in toys. The company does not target the automotive market with the new product – but the tests and qualifications were carried out in accordance with AEC Q102-003 to provide customers with objectively comparable specifications.


By Seb Springall

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