New automotive N-channel MOSFETs offer excellent thermal performance

05-04-2024 | Toshiba | Power

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has released two automotive N-channel power MOSFET devices to satisfy the growing demand for 48V batteries and systems within automotive applications, including inverters, semiconductor relays, load switches, motor drives and more.

The automotive sector needs power semiconductors that offer high reliability coupled with large drain current (ID) ratings and excellent heat dissipation. This is particularly true for devices used in traction inverters, battery management systems, junction boxes, EVs, and ISGs.

The new 80V XPQR8308QB and 100V XPQ1R00AQB are based on the company's new U-MOS X-H process. This gives low on-resistance (RDS(ON)) levels, with the XPQR8308QB measuring less than 0.83mOhm while the XPQ1R00AQB does not exceed 1.03mOhm. The devices are rated for ID values of 350A (XPQR8308QB) and 300A (XPQ1R00AQB) continuously with pulsed values (IDP) of 1050A and 900A, respectively.

Supporting these low values, the L-TOGL package adopts a thick copper clip-based leadframe structure that thermally and electrically connects the MOSFET die to the package leads. This reduces the package resistance by approximately 70% and channel-to-case thermal impedance (Zth(ch-c)) by 50% compared with the TO-220SM(W) package. The process and clip reduce losses and heat generation while creating a thermally efficient solution.

Furthermore, the L-TOGL package uses compliant gull-wing leads, which reduce mounting stress and improve the reliability of solder joints. This helps ensure ECU reliability in automotive applications with harsh temperature conditions. Both devices are AEC-Q101 qualified for automotive applications.

MOSFETs are often connected in parallel to increase current capability – especially in automotive applications. To perform effectively, the MOSFET specifications must be closely matched, so the company offers to ship devices grouped to within 0.4V based upon their gate threshold voltage.

The company now presents four MOSFETs housed in the innovative L-TOGL package, including its two existing 40V products, XPQ1R004PB and XPQR3004PB, and the products announced. It provides suitable products for automotive applications that increasingly require heavy currents, high power density, and excellent levels of robustness.


By Seb Springall

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