High-speed protection for battery storage systems

07-03-2024 | Rutronik | Passives

The PSX series from Littelfuse expands Rutronik's range of high-speed fuses and is part of the fast-growing future power and energy market. Their DC interrupting rating of 250kA at a high-speed rating of 1,500VDC is extremely fast, making them excellent for battery energy storage systems.

Available with a current rating of 80A to 1,400A, the component comes in a compact NH XL housing (1XL, 3XL), facilitating smaller or more compact systems with high energy density. Thanks to the low wattage loss, energy losses are prevented, and component energy wastage is minimised.

Development following the UL248-13 safety standard and the latest battery protection standard, IEC 60269-7 (class aBAT), ensures maximum protection. This means that the PSX series fulfils the protection requirements of hybrid PV-ESS inverters and high-voltage DC conversion systems and is particularly suitable for developing large battery energy storage systems.

The operating temperature of the series is from -55C to +125C. Various mounting options are offered, including recessed, DIN, and screw connections. Visual indication of a blown fuse is displayed. A micro-switch is available for external display.

Typical application examples include large battery energy storage systems, hybrid PV-ESS inverters, and high-voltage DC conversion systems.


By Seb Springall

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