Phase shifters and continuously variable attenuators offer precise control

20-02-2024 | Fairview Microwave | Passives

Fairview Microwave offers its latest releases in RF technology – phase shifters and continuously variable attenuators. These cutting-edge products feature a dial design, providing unmatched precision and versatility for various applications.

The new phase shifters offer an impressive frequency range of up to 40GHz, catering to engineers and researchers needing flexibility for high-frequency applications. With a minimum phase adjustment of 360°, these phase shifters deliver unparalleled control for precise manipulation of phase angles to satisfy specific needs.

The continuously variable attenuators deliver flat attenuation levels across the full frequency bands of operation, providing consistent signal quality across a broad spectrum. Operating at frequencies up to 18GHz, they are ideal for demanding RF and microwave systems.

Engineered with precision in mind, these new components supply accurate and repeatable adjustments, making them reliable tools for achieving desired outcomes.

“With the introduction of our phase shifters and continuously variable attenuators, we empower engineers and researchers to push the boundaries of what’s possible in RF and microwave technology,” said Steven Pong, product line manager.


By Seb Springall