New code added to high-temperature series of wet tantalum capacitors

13-02-2024 | Kyocera AVX | Passives

Kyocera AVX has added a new 100mF/3V rating to its TWD High-Temp Max-Cap (HTMC) Series hermetically sealed and axial leaded DLA T4-size wet tantalum capacitors. Initially launched in 2016 with only two ratings (25mF/10V and 50mF/6.3V), the series produces extremely high capacitance values, comparable to those of supercapacitors, and stable, high-reliability long-lifetime performance in industrial, oil and gas, defence, and avionics applications exposed to environmental hazards including mechanical shock, high-frequency vibration, and operating temperatures up to 175C.

The capacitors are manufactured using high-purity tantalum powders and the company’s well-established wet tantalum design, which provides a hermetically sealed welded tantalum can with a unique cathode system that allows extraordinary CV/cc performance and an optional insulation sleeve. They display rugged resistance to shock and vibration per MIL-PRF-39006, stable electrical parameters over the full range of operating temperatures extending from -55C to +175C, and excellent reliability, supplying extended lifetimes of up to 10,000 hours at +105C and rated voltage and up to 2,000 hours at +175C and rated voltage. Ideal applications for the series include DC hold-up and low-frequency pulse circuits in specialised industrial, avionics, defence, and oil and gas applications that require high-reliability, high-capacitance performance at high temperatures, such as downhole drilling equipment.

“We are very pleased to expand on our field-proven TWD HTMC Series hermetically sealed and axial leaded wet tantalum capacitors,” said Allen Mayar, global product manager at Kyocera AVX. “These capacitors are produced and qualified at our highly accredited facility in Lanskroun, Czech Republic, and deliver high-reliability long-lifetime performance and extremely high capacitance, comparable to that of supercapacitors, in harsh-environment applications with operating temperatures up to 175C.”

This series of capacitors are currently available in three ratings – 25mF/10V, 50mF/6.3V, and 100mF/3V with ±10% and ±20% capacitance tolerance – and in standard DLA T4 cases with an optional insulating sleeve and one of two termination finishes: Sn/Pb (60/40) or RoHS-compliant and lead-free compatible pure matte tin. They are shipped in tray packs suitable for automatic mounting and soldering.


By Seb Springall