Enhanced reliability power supplies for industrial applications

19-02-2024 | Cosel | Power

COSEL Co, Ltd. has launched the PDA series of AC/DC power supplies with further improved reliability for industrial applications. To offer the highest price/performance ratio while maintaining a high-quality standard, the series employs a quasi-resonant topology with limited components, resulting in higher reliability. The series is 100% form, fit and function backwards compatible with the PBA series, which is retiring after 20 years of powering high-volume applications worldwide. The first models introduced are the 15W PDA15F, the 30W PDA30F and the 50W PDA50F, with other versions to follow. The series is created for various applications and can operate over a wide temperature range from -20C to +70C. The power supplies are UL/EN62368-1 certified.

Designed for worldwide applications, the series has an input voltage range of 85VAC to 264VAC single phase and fulfils safety standards with an input voltage range of 100-240VAC (50/60Hz).

The devices are available in three output voltages, 5V, 12V and 24V, with corresponding output currents. The output voltage can be adjusted by a built-in potentiometer.

The series profits from an optimised quasi-resonant switching topology and has an efficiency of up to 87.5% at 230VAC and rated load. Compared to the predecessor PBA series, the efficiency gain is more than 5% points, lessening heat dissipation and, consequently, also increasing system reliability.

The series includes inrush current limiting, over-current protection with automatic recovery when the fault is removed, and over-voltage protection.

Based on an optimised topology, the series has no built-in active PFC, although it fully complies with IEC61000-3-2 (Class A).

The units are developed to operate from a wide temperature range of -20C to +70C and can be mounted in any orientation, although derating may apply depending on ambient temperature and environment.

The series complies with FCC-B, VCCI-B, CISPR11-B, CISPR32-B, EN55011-B and EN55032-B in conducted emission tests.

The units have an input-to-output isolation voltage of 3,000VAC, an input-to-frame-ground (FG) voltage of 2,000VAC, and an output-to-frame-ground voltage of 500VAC.

The series is built into a galvanised sheet steel chassis, and a cover is available as an 'N' option.

Designed for use in demanding applications where space is often limited, the PDA15F measures just 31mm x 78mm x 85mm (1.22" x 3.07" x 3.35") and weighs 180g max without cover and 210g with cover. The PDA30F measures 31mm x 78mm x 103mm (1.22" x 3.07" x 4.06") and weighs 250g max without cover and 280g with cover. The PDA50F measures 31mm x 82mm x 120mm (1.22" x 3.23" x 4.72") and weighs 330g max without cover and 370g with cover.

The series is form, fit and function backwards compatible with the PBA series and are mechanically interchangeable.

The devices are suited to various applications, including measurement and process control, machine monitoring, display devices, and various industrial equipment. They are RoHS and Low Voltage compliant and carry the CE and UKCA marks.


By Seb Springall