Compact MOSFETs for lighting power supplies, pumps and motors

01-02-2024 | ROHM Semiconductor | Power

ROHM has added a lineup of compact 600V Super Junction MOSFETs – the R6004END4, R6003KND4, R6006KND4, R6002JND4, and R6003JND4. These devices are excellent for small lighting power supplies, pumps, and motors.

In recent years, power supplies for lighting and motors for pumps have been required to be smaller as devices become more sophisticated, spurring the demand for compact MOSFETs essential for switching operations.

Generally, however, it has been challenging to decrease the size of Super Junction MOSFETs while keeping an optimal balance between high breakdown voltage and low ON resistance. After reviewing the shape of the mounted chip, the company was able to develop five models in the SOT-223-3 package (6.5mm × 7mm × 1.66mm) – supplying a smaller, lower profile form factor without compromising the performance of conventional products.

Compared to the conventional TO-252 package (6.6mm × 10mm × 2.3mm), these new products reduce area and thickness by 31% and 27% – contributing to smaller, lower profile applications. At the same time, the same land pattern (footprint) as the TO-252 package can be utilised, allowing mounting on existing circuit boards without modification.

Three models are optimised for compact power supplies, providing distinctive features. The R6004END4, characterised by low noise, is suitable for applications where noise is a concern, while the R6003KND4 and R6006KND4, capable of high-speed switching, are excellent for sets needing low loss and high-efficiency operation. The R6002JND4 and R6003JND4 use proprietary PrestoMOS technology to attain significantly lower switching losses by speeding up reverse recovery time (tr), making them suited for motors-equipped devices.

Supporting materials such as application notes, technical documents, and SPICE simulation models for each product are available on the company's website free of charge to allow quick market introduction.


By Seb Springall

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