New range added to test and measurement portfolio

26-01-2024 | Distrelec | Test & Measurement

Distrelec has introduced the KPS test and measurement instruments for sale throughout Europe. The move further strengthens its test and measurement offerings, ensuring customers access a broader selection of industry-leading products.

KPS provides professional installers, electricians and technicians with high-quality products and solutions at competitive prices. With a strong focus on innovation and reliability, it has established itself as a trusted partner in the electrical industry.

The portfolio now includes a new DCM clamp meter manufactured in Europe. The DCM3000 is a versatile clamp meter ideal for various electrical applications, including voltage, current, resistance and continuity testing. Further offerings include the KPS Solar range, featuring clamp meters such as the DCM8500PV and the DCM8700PV, which can measure voltage up to 2000V, along with the DMM4500PV multimeter. This measuring range allows voltage measurements at various points in an electrical circuit and facilitates testing of the current, resistance, continuity, diodes, frequency, capacity and temperature. These instruments are built to last, providing years of reliable performance in demanding environments. On top of that, KPS keeps its EMEA stock in northern Spain, so fast deliveries to Distrelec are guaranteed.

Dominic Devlin, senior product manager at Distrelec, comments: “We take pride in offering our customers a varied range of high-quality products at competitive prices. Our commitment to providing quality instruments, showcased through our expansion of KPS test and measurement lines, ensures that customers can access advanced solutions without compromising their budgets. With a focus on innovation and reliability, coupled with existing and expanding manufacturing in Europe, KPS is a perfect fit for the Distrelec portfolio.”


By Seb Springall