New series of sustainable luminaires

07-12-2023 | Ledvance | Industrial

LEDVANCE has launched a new product series, EVERLOOP, offering luminaires with conveniently replaceable LED light sources and drivers. Using replaceable parts, these products maximise a luminaire’s lifespan, avoiding the necessity to dispose of complete luminaires and decreasing the number of electrical products going into the waste stream.

These products are both a sustainable choice and a convenient one for installers and facility managers. The first model of the series to be available is the LEDVANCE Linear Indi-viLED Gen 2, offering direct and indirect versions with On/Off or DALI options, respectively. The range provides CRI90 and UGR<19, making it perfect for office applications.

With a longer lifespan, these luminaires are a sustainable and convenient option for installers, planners, and facility managers, providing sustainable efficiency for industrial and office applications and public buildings. As well as an extended lifetime and reduced waste, benefits include cost savings and allowing buildings to maintain the same looks.

“EVERLOOP is our answer to the challenge of going from a linear to a circular product lifecycle for luminaires, contributing to the EU’s plan to reduce electronic waste,” said Nuno Paiva, head of Professional Portfolio Management at LEDVANCE. “The key feature of EVERLOOP luminaires is that critical components, such as the light sources and drivers, are conveniently upgradeable or replaceable, with available spare parts. That makes the luminaire EVER-lasting. In the future, we intend to integrate this feature into more of our luminaire series to save material and minimise waste.”

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By Seb Springall