New foil resistor series designed for 5G and EV charging equipment

01-12-2023 | New Yorker Electronics | Passives

New Yorker Electronics has revealed the new release of VPG Foil Resistors’ RWX Wraparound Foil Resistors. These high-precision, stable Bulk Metal Foil resistors are AEC-Q200 qualified, have resistance tolerances up to ±0.01% and are obtainable in MIL-PRF-55342 or ALPHA Typical.

With an operating temperature rating of -65C to +155C, this new series is available in three types. The RWAX is 1.6mm x 0.8mm and is rated at 22V, the RWBX is 2mm x 1.25mm and rated at 45V, and the RWCX is 3.2mm x 1.6mm and has a 95V max working voltage rating. They are available in 0603, 0805 and 1206 packages.

The RWAX (1.6±0.2 x 0.8±0.2) has a rated power of 0.1W and a TCR of 0±6 ppm/C with a resistance range of 100-Ohm to 5kOhm and 1kOhm to 5kOhm. The RWBX is rated at 0.2W with a TCR of 0±10 (30-Ohm to 100-Ohm) and 0±5 (1kOhm to 10kOhm). The third in the series, the RWCX, has a rated power of 0.3W and a TCR of 0±10 ppm/C (30-Ohm to 100-Ohm) and 0±5 in 100-Ohm to 30kOhm.

The RWX is part of VPG Foil Resistor’s high-performance APR product line, a new platform of standardised precision resistors made-to-stock and obtainable on short delivery. Its new APR product line meets market demands of trending applications like 5G or EV Charging equipment to provide off-the-shelf, A+ class, standard surface-mount resistors in tape and reel packaging and power current-sense resistors with resistance values. According to the company, the new APR has taken high-precision resistors to a new level that is now standardised and affordable.


By Seb Springall