New wide-angle thermal camera lens and port adapter

29-11-2023 | Teledyne FLIR | Test & Measurement

Teledyne FLIR has introduced a new 80° lens with an ultra-wide field of view, developed to allow maintenance managers, engineers, and mechanical technicians to keep an eye on assets in a large target area for constant monitoring, condition monitoring, and early intervention of developing faults. The lens is compatible with FLIR A400/500/700 Image Streaming and Smart Sensor fixed-mount thermal cameras, A500f/A700f Advanced Smart Sensor cameras, and FLIR E76, E86, E96, T530, T540, T560, T840, and T865 portable camera families.

In fixed-mount applications such as coal and fertiliser pile monitoring, this ultra-wide-angle lens allows installing fewer thermal cameras while keeping all assets in the cameras' field of view.

In spaces with large inspection targets, such as a furnace, tank, roof or wall, the wide-angle lens can assist an inspector in capturing more of the scene in one image for improved efficiency.

In condition monitoring applications, including building, manufacturing, and power plant environments, a handheld thermal camera paired with the 80° lens lets users to easily inspect in tight, restricted spaces with limited viewing angles. For example, high-voltage electrical cabinets are often fitted with infrared windows, which allow inspectors to quickly inspect components without opening the panel to minimise arc flash risk. Space between the IR window and the electrical components is typically limited. With the 80° lens, inspectors can capture all the components in one image.

Some electrical cabinets are fitted with 'port'-type devices. The company has released a port adapter that simply attaches to the 80° lens, making inspection through third-party ports fast and simple.

"The ability to capture better imagery means organisations can make better, more informed decisions when identifying thermal anomalies in industrial equipment and building envelopes," said Rob Milner, business development director, Teledyne FLIR. "With more data captured in a single scene, inspectors can reduce the amount of time needed for the inspection and for post-inspection processing and reporting. Furthermore, inspectors will enjoy greater flexibility to do more types of inspections with their existing thermal camera systems."

The wide-angle lens also offers a lightweight, compact design that is just 40mm longer than the standard lenses across all compatible thermal camera families. For handheld operators, inspectors can more easily navigate the thermal camera in tight spaces where standing further back is not an option.


By Seb Springall

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