New generation of ultra-compact and high-efficiency industrial power supplies

08-11-2023 | Cosel | Power

COSEL Co, Ltd has launched a new generation of highly compact power supplies for industrial applications, the TE series. Employing the most advanced technologies, such as WBG GaN semiconductors, high-frequency planar transformers and enhanced flyback topology, the new series embraces a 45W (TECS/TEPS45F) and a 65W (TECS/TEPS65F) fitting into 1 "x 2.3" (TEPS) or 1" x 3" (TECS) footprints. The 12V and 24V output versions can deliver 140% power to sustain peak loads with an outstanding efficiency of up to 93.5%. Two versions, either with pins (TEPS) or connectors (TECS), are obtainable with compatible footprints to ease system upgrades. Standard products are supplied as an open frame, though an optional dust protection case will be available.

Designed for flexibility, the series provides two interconnection versions: the TEPS with pins for PCB mounting and the TECS with crimp-style JST connectors. In both cases, the 45W and 65W are footprint interchangeable. This feature simplifies layouts and provides upgrade options. The company also took into consideration the need to minimise the size of the power supply. It adopted a vertical assembly technique that, combined with a higher switching frequency of up to 800KHz, saves about 58% board space compared to conventional technology while maintaining a high level of power-conversion efficiency, higher by three points compared to conventional products.

Designed for worldwide applications, the series has an input voltage range of 85VAC to 264VAC single phase and conforms to safety standards input voltage range of 100-240VAC (50/60Hz).

The TECS/TEPS45F and TECS/TEPS65F are offered in three fixed output voltages, 5V, 12V and 24V, with respective currents up to 45W and 65W. To accommodate the inrush current associated with DC motors, capacitor banks and similar applications, a 140% peak current option (H) will be offered in Yr 2024 for the 12V and 24V versions.

The series benefits from an optimised switching topology conferring an efficiency of up to 93.5% at 230VAC and rated load.

The units are designed to operate from -10C to +70C and can be mounted in any orientation, although depending on the ambient temperature and environment, a derating may apply. The units have a 3,000VAC input to output isolation voltage and a leakage current of 0.25mA max, complying with the IEC62368 specification.

The units are ideal for Class II equipment and can attain a low noise performance without needing any ground connection. With attention to detail regarding energy preservation, at no load, the series power consumption is as low as 200mW.

Designed for usage in demanding applications where space is frequently limited, the series measures (W x H x D): TECS45F: 25.4mm x 23.5mm x 76.2mm (1" x 0.93" x 3"); TEPS45F: 25.4mm x 24mm x 58.5mm (1" x 0.94" x 2.3"); TECS65F: 25.4mm x 27mm x 76.2mm (1" x 1.06" x 3") and the TEPS65F: 25.4mm x 27.5mm x 58.5mm (1" x 1.08" x 2.3"). For applications needing dust protection, a version with a plastic case will be available, option (N), in Yr 2024.

The series meets the safety agency approval UL62368-1 and c-UL (equivalent to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.62368-1), EN62368-1. The products also comply with the Japanese Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act DEN-AN.

The series is suited to various applications, including measurement and analysis equipment, machine tools, industrial printers, display equipment, and ticketing machines. They comply with the RoHS and Low Voltage directives and carry the CE mark and UKCA.

By Seb Springall