New 4Mb and 16Mb 3V multiple I/O serial NOR flash memory solutions

22-11-2023 | Alliance Memory | Industrial

Alliance Memory has announced that it has expanded its 3V multiple input/output serial NOR flash memory products with new 4Mb and 16Mb devices in the SOP8 Narrow Body (150mils) package. The 4Mb AS25F304MD-10S1IN and 16Mb AS25F316MQ-10S1IN combine fast read performance up to 104MHz with fast program and erase times down to 1.1ms and 2.6ms, respectively.

The devices operate from a single 2.7V to 3.6V power supply over an industrial temperature range of -40C to +85C. The AS25F304MD-10S1IN supports single and dual SPI operation, while the AS25F316MQ-10S1IN adds support for the quad SPI mode. The solutions deliver maximum erase/program currents down to 1.3mA and maximum read currents down to 3.7mA at 104MHz, and they supply reliable, long-term performance with 100,000 program/erase cycles and 20-year data retention.

The devices support uniform 4KB or 32KB, or 64KB erase and feature program/erase suspend and resume. The AS25F316MQ-10S1IN also offers an 8/16/32/64 byte wrap-around burst read mode. Advanced security features include block protection, 128-bit unique ID for each device, a discoverable parameters (SFDP) register, and 4K-bit secured OTP to protect content from hostile access and inadvertent programming and erasing.

With their enhanced performance, these memory products are created to satisfy the demands of the computer, consumer, communications, and IoT markets. The devices are ideal for chipsets for hard drives, DVD and Blu-ray players, wireless LANs and cable modems, printers, set-top boxes, LCDs, digital cameras, Bluetooth devices, handheld GPS units, smart meters, and more.

By Seb Springall