Vehicle GPS antennas offer accurate positioning in challenging environments

18-10-2023 | Pasternack | Passives

Pasternack has launched its innovative vehicle GPS antennas. Created explicitly for automotive applications, these antennas stress the importance of precision and reliability, ensuring vehicles navigate with unparalleled accuracy.

The vehicle GPS antennas are a game-changer in automotive systems. They come supplied with a high gain of 28dB or 30dB, making them proficient at capturing even the faintest signals in the most challenging terrains and conditions. One of their standout features is the usage of RHCP, which greatly curtails signal interference and multipath effects, guaranteeing unwavering signal quality.

This new offering is not just about performance but also about resilience. Providing waterproof and dustproof ratings ranging from IPX6 to IP66, these antennas are engineered to excel in the toughest outdoor scenarios. This resilience positions them as the top pick for various applications, including vehicle tracking, fleet management, telematics, navigation systems and the burgeoning field of autonomous vehicles.

Adding to their versatility, these antennas come with SMA and FAKRA connector options, assuring wide-ranging system compatibility. They are tailored for the GPS L1 frequency and are available in passive and active versions. Mounting them is user-friendly, with options for direct vehicle mount or the added convenience of a magnet mount.

"In today's fast-evolving automotive landscape, precision is a prerequisite, not just a preference," said product line manager Kevin Hietpas. "Our new vehicle GPS antennas are a testament to Pasternack's dedication to driving innovation. We're not just keeping pace with the industry − we aim to define its future."

By Seb Springall