New compact passive harmonic filter delivers increased benefits

23-10-2023 | Schaffner Holding AG | Power

Schaffner has expanded its range of compact passive harmonic filters, which improve energy efficiency and provide the best cost-performance ratio.

The company supplies more power to its customers by developing the new plug-and-play Ecosine Flex. The FN3446 400V-480VAC for 50Hz networks and FN3458 400-480VAC for 60Hz networks have been designed to fulfil customer needs by providing increased benefits at a reduced cost. In comparison to its predecessor, the FN3416 and FN3418, the new models provide customers with enhanced functionalities – including the option of a trap disconnect jumper and an IP00 version (in addition to the standard IP20 design) – to provide an improved cost-performance ratio.

These passive harmonic filters help to support better use of electric system capacity by unburdening the electrical infrastructure from excess loading and heat caused by the harmonic current. At the same time, customers profit from a greatly improved power factor by applying these filters. The company has long recognised the need for filters in diode rectifiers and thyristor rectifiers with and without a DC-link choke. With this new filter, THDi is decreased to 10% with a 4% DC-link choke present in the drive; without a choke present, or one with a DC-link choke <4%, the performance is reduced to <15% THDi.

Delivering a power range from 4kW to 200kW, the filter bridges a gap between the company’s existing Ecosine Economy Line (power range 4kW to 160kW) and its Ecosine Max, which delivers between 250kW and 500kW. Delivering superior useability at lower costs than previously obtainable, the new filter represents a state-of-the-art optimal harmonic mitigation solution for non-linear three-phase six pulse front-end converter where the industry-leading <5% THDi performance delivered by the Ecosine Evo series is not required.

Whether used in such applications as HVAC, water/wastewater treatment, fan and pump installations, factory automation or mission-critical processes, the new Ecosine Flex FN3446 and FN3458 have been meticulously designed to surpass stringent safety standards, including the UL Mark, specifically addressing the reduction of harmonics generated by variable frequency drives. The performance of the Ecosine Flex filters help to meet compliance standards with EN 61000-3-12 or with IEEE-519 for Isc/IL <50 and many other power quality standards.

Xiaoya Tan, product manager at Schaffner, explains: “As a global leader in power quality with a reputation for excellent pre- and after-sales service, we are delighted to offer users an expanded product portfolio with the addition of the Ecosine Flex FN3446 and FN3458. Our OEM customers have always chosen Schaffner as a reliable solutions provider offering high-quality products that increase the efficiency of energy usage. We believe this new filter will prove extremely popular with a demanding market looking for compact passive harmonic filters that have proven performance, usability and quality and provide our customers with an unbeatable cost-performance ratio.”


By Seb Springall