DRAM series to excel in aerospace and in-vehicle environments

12-10-2023 | Innodisk | Automotive & Transport

Innodisk is responding to the increasing demand for high-performance computing across diverse industrial applications and escalating heat management needs. Challenges such as harsh temperatures, recurring vibrations, and liquid corrosion are crucial in industrial scenarios. The company introduced the DRAM PRO Series to add value to aerospace and in-vehicle applications in challenging environments.

The growth of AIoT, edge computing, and outdoor edge servers challenges thermal management for high-performance computing systems. The company's Ultra Temperature DRAM Module is a robust solution for harsh environments. With a wide operating temperature range from -40C to 125 for DDR4 and -40C to 105 for DDR5, the Ultra Temperature module offers long-term stability, making it an excellent option for aerospace and mission-critical applications where stable performance is important. Also, for systems that exclusively demand efficient heat dissipation, like fanless embedded systems, the DDR5 Long DIMM heat spreader can effectively cool down the module and dissipate the heat generated during operation.

In challenging environments, it is not only excessive temperatures that pose a concern, but vibration can also greatly impact system stability. Vibration industrial settings often result in loosened contact surfaces on memory, leading to signal instability and interruptions. The company offers Rugged DIMM and XR-DIMM solutions, particularly developed for extreme vibration and shock applications. These modules have customised sockets and two mounting holes, providing secure and stable attachment to the motherboard. Furthermore, the risk of DRAM modules falling off from the DIMM slot is another common challenge in vibration. Its Rugged Clips also offer a simple and effective solution. These clips are straightforward to install and safeguard against vibration. They are cost-effective and have undergone rigorous third-party vibration testing, guaranteeing reliability and decreasing maintenance expenses.

By Seb Springall