DC-link film capacitor for when robust performance is required

24-10-2023 | Rutronik | Passives

Rutronik expands its range of film capacitors with the MKP1848H from Vishay. The Metallised Polypropylene DC-Link Film Capacitor, created to withstand even the hardest THB conditions, is predestined for usage under very harsh conditions, as it has great resistance and stability even in operation under high humidity and high-temperature environments. The automotive grade capacitors are especially durable with up to 100,000 operating hours (at rated voltage and 70C) and ideal for industrial and automotive applications that must withstand harsh environments.

The film capacitors are developed for use under the most challenging THB conditions, withstanding 1000 hours at 85C and 85% relative humidity at rated DC voltage. They have a high ripple current capability of up to 25.1A and operate reliably in a voltage range of 500VDC to 1,200VDC with low ESR and ESL values.

As they provide high stability of the electrical parameters even under challenging conditions, they are particularly suited to industrial or automotive applications, that must withstand very harsh environments. They are RoHS and AEC-Q200 certified and halogen-free.

Examples include applications in very challenging environmental conditions, onboard and offboard chargers for automotive use, DC-DC converters for automotive, inverters for renewable energy, industrial power supplies and motor drives, welding equipment, and UPS.

By Seb Springall