High-efficiency battery charging over a wide voltage range

01-09-2023 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments BQ25756 is a wide input voltage, switched-mode buck-boost Li-Ion, Li-polymer, or LiFePO 4 battery charge controller with bidirectional power flow support. The device provides high-efficiency battery charging over a broad voltage range with accurate charge current and charge voltage regulation and automatic charge preconditioning, termination, and charge status indication. The device combines all the loop compensation for the buck-boost converter, delivering a high-density solution with ease of use. In reverse mode, the device draws power from the battery and regulates the input terminal voltage with an additional constant current loop for protection, supporting USB-PD EPR power profile.

Besides the I2C host-controlled charging mode, the device supports standalone charging mode through resistor programmable limits. Input current, charge current, and charge voltage regulation targets can be set via the ILIM_HIZ, ICHG and FB pins, respectively.


By Seb Springall