Fast-reacting bodyguard for sensitive electronic systems

01-09-2023 | Rutronik | Semiconductors

Rutronik has added the new YAGEO TVS diode series 5.0SMDJ to its qualitative surge protection components portfolio. The products are constructed of a high-reliability DO-214AB package, which, combined with the diodes' special power handling capacity, ensures higher protection of the circuits. Also, they have a significantly short response time. For example, they reliably absorb high voltage peaks – caused by lightning strikes – and stop failures or system malfunctions. The series includes uni- or bidirectional variants and specially certified automotive versions.

The powerful (5,000W) diode series is installed in a DO-214AB low-profile plastic housing provided with built-in strain relief and passivated glass junction. The operating voltage of the TVS ranges from 5V to 600V (even higher). The series has exceptional clamping capability, low inductance, and the typical IR of less than 2μA. The terminals tolerate high-temperature soldering at 260C for ten seconds.

These TVS diodes meet MSL 1 according to J-STD-020, enable compliance with IEC61000-4-2 ESD protection standards of up to 30KV air and contact discharge, and are available in automotive grade (5.0SMDJ-AT) with AEC-Q101 qualification.

They are halogen-free, RoHS compliant, and guarantee near-optimal performance in telecom, industrial, or energy storage applications.

Potential use areas include I/O interface, AC/DC power supply, low-frequency signal transmission line (RS232, RS485, etc.), and automotive applications.

By Seb Springall