DC-DC converters in DIP-16 package doubles the power density

07-09-2023 | Traco Power | Power

Traco Power has released its new TEL 6 (2:1 input range) and TEL 6WI (4:1 input Range) families of DC-DC converters with a power density of 1.6W/cm3, nearly doubling the power density compared to 6W converters in the old standard DIP-24 packages.

The devices are two series of isolated and regulated 6W high-density DC-DC converters with wide 2:1 (4.5-12, 9-18, 18-36, and 36-75Vin) or 4:1 (4.5-18, 9-36, 18-75Vin) input ranges. Single or dual outputs range from 5-24VDC with high efficiencies up to 87%, allowing operation up to +70C at full load (85C with 60% load). These DC-DC converters are cost-effective solutions for space-critical and cost-sensitive applications in instrumentation, industrial electronics, ITE and IoT.

All models feature ultra-compact DIP-16 metal case measuring 0.96" x 0.57" x 0.43", high power density of 1.6W/cm3, and wide 2:1 and 4:1 input voltage range. They offer high efficiency (up to 87%) for low thermal loss with operating temperature range -40C to +85C. The devices have UL/EN/IEC 62368-1 Safety Approvals for ITE / IOT Applications and meet EN 55032 class A (conducted and radiated) with a single input capacitor, with protection against short circuits and overload.

The devices offer a three-year product warranty and are in stock now.

By Seb Springall