Next-gen connectors support high-density application requirements

24-08-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser now stocks the MIL-HD2 Next-Gen SOSA/VITA 91 connectors from Amphenol Aerospace. Developed in alignment with The Open Group SOSA technical standard, MIL-HD2 equips developers with a readily available, robust open architecture solution for tighter card pitches and chassis designs where space needs, and density are crucial.

The connectors deliver a robust open architecture solution for designs with critical density and space needs. The SOSA Consortium chose this series and supplies a SOSA-aligned solution for next-gen switch and payload card necessities allowing the MIL-embedded market to fulfil next-gen performance levels while still satisfying COTS requirements.

The connectors are designed to accomplish PAM4 data rate requirements of 56GBytes per second, with a high density of 1.8mm pitch. These connectors' scalable data rate capability permits designers to implement system upgrades without the expenses of complicated redesigns. The connectors exhibit improved impedance matching, satisfying the performance requirements of next-generation defence and aerospace electronics designs. The connectors also offer proprietary crosstalk-reducing technologies, providing proven EMI and signal integrity advantages. The connectors give an embedded capacitor and enable hot plugging, while a 15.7mil drill-compliant pin supports deeper back drilling. The connectors' shielded contacts mate before signal contacts, supplying a minimum wipe of up to 4mm.

The connectors support a range of applications, including radar, sensors, surveillance, cyber defence, electronic defence and low earth orbit satellites.


By Seb Springall