New series of carbon matrix resistors launched

15-08-2023 | RCD Components | Passives

Under the iNRCORE Family of Brands, RCD Components releases a new line of carbon matrix resistors, comparable to the now unavailable Allen Bradley and other aftermarket carbon composition parts marked end-of-life. The line improves stability and decreases the common moisture-related issues of the Carbon Composition line, CC series.

"CM Carbon Matrix was developed to be a direct drop-in replacement for Carbon Composition Resistors. The CM series will be able to be utilised in high energy pulses applications and will be able to absorb more energy than other film type resistors and with low inductance," said Jerry Brimmer, president of RCD Components.

Ideal for hi-rel, defence, medical, energy, power and industrial applications. Individual models are available in 1W and 2W. Each is developed to operate in temperatures between -55C to +125C.

Common applications include circuit protection (surge and/or discharge protection), current limiting, high voltage power supplies, high power, strobe lighting, and welding, etc.


By Seb Springall