Nanopower with low-drift high-precision series reference devices

24-08-2023 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments REF35-Q1 is a family of nanopower, low-drift, high-precision series reference devices. The family features ±0.05% initial accuracy with typical 650nA power consumption. The device's temperature coefficient (15ppm/C) and long-term stability (30ppm at 1000 hours) can improve system stability and reliability. The low power consumption and high precision specifications are created for a wide variety of low-current applications.

The device supplies up to 10mA current with 3.3ppm p-p noise and 20ppm/mA load regulation. This feature set produces a strong low-noise, high-accuracy power supply for precision sensors and 12–16b data converters.

The family is fully specified for operation from -40C to 125C and is functional over -55C to 125C.

The device is obtainable in wide output voltage variants from 1.2V to 5V. The device is supplied in a space-saving SOT23-6 pin package.


By Seb Springall