New RET antennas provide higher network coverage and lower maintenance

15-06-2023 | KP Performance Antennas | Passives

KP Performance Antennas has launched a new line of RET antennas for wireless communication networks.

The new antennas are developed to enhance network coverage and capacity while lowering maintenance costs. They are excellent for LTE, 5G and other cellular networks.

The company's new antennas offer AISG 2.0 remote electrical tilt technology, available in 2° to 12° or 0° to 10° options, that provides for precise antenna adjustments. With this capability, network operators can modify the antenna's tilt remotely. This helps to optimise the coverage and capacity of the network, which is especially useful in areas with changing terrain or high interference. Remotely controlling the coverage also allows antenna adjustments without expensive tower climbs or network downtime.

The antennas provide options for two, four or six connector ports. This allows for multiple frequencies to be covered with one antenna and decreases the necessity for additional hardware.

The new antennas have 4.3-10 female connectors and produce low passive intermodulation, ensuring the signal quality remains high and stable.

Also, these RET antennas are created to cover global 5G bands in 1710-2690MHz or 694-960MHz omni, making them excellent for usage in a wide range of applications.

"Our new RET antennas offer real-time adjustments to the antenna's radiation pattern, enabling network operators to optimise network performance. These products can withstand harsh weather and offer high-gain performance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications," said Kevin Hietpas, Antenna product line manager.

By Seb Springall