New range of low current and high input voltage LDO regulators

28-06-2023 | Toshiba | Power

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has launched the first three devices in the new TCR1HF series of LDO regulators. Offering high input voltage and low current consumption, the TCR1HF18B, TCR1HF33B, and TCR1HF50B provide fixed output voltages of 1.8V, 3.3V, and 5V, respectively.

The new additions supply a wide input voltage range of 4V to 36V to support up to 20V for USB-PD or 24V-powered equipment such as mobile equipment, home appliances and factory automation equipment. They offer a low 1µA quiescent current, enabling electronic equipment to maintain stand-by operation with very low power consumption.

Housed in small plastic moulded SOT-25 (Toshiba’s package name is SMV), the TCR1HF ICs drive up to 150mA and operate at temperatures between -40C to +125C. Moreover, with their fast load transient response of -60mV/+50mV, they help provide a stable output voltage – even through a sudden change in current, for example, when equipment moves from stand-by to operating state. Other standard attributes include overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown, and auto-discharge.

A reference design for a power multiplexer circuit utilising TCR1HF33B and TCR1HF50B is also available.


By Seb Springall

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