Enhanced high inrush current limiter solution meets market needs

05-06-2023 | Bourns | Power

Bourns, Inc has released its POWrTherm NTC Thermistor product line, created to provide enhanced and efficient high inrush current limiting capabilities. The new line comprises seven series, Models BN-LG05Y, BN-LG08Y, BN-LG10Y, BN-LG13Y, BN-LG15Y, BN-LG20Y and BN-LG25Y. These models provide a wide resistance range with multiple board disc diameter options so that customers can choose the correct product for their application needs and various market requirements.

The thermistors offer unique construction, which uses various metal oxides to form the polycrystalline NTC thermistor bodies that deliver superior capabilities in suppressing high inrush currents. The seven POWrTherm series supply equivalent capacitance of up to 1500μF@240VAC and a maximum current of up to 15A. Also, the new model families are housed in radial leaded through-hole packages and are UL and/or TÜV recognised depending on the specific series. The new line is also provided in different disc sizes to meet various market segment necessities, from consumer to industrial, for applications such as SMPS, DC motors, amplifiers and transformers.

"At Bourns, we have extensive power protection expertise and set out to provide a different and efficient technology approach to suppress inrush current with our POWrTherm Power NTC Thermistor products," said Shawn Yu, product line manager at Bourns Protection Division. "Our new POWrTherm NTC Thermistor solutions utilise the high initial resistance of negative temperature coefficient characteristics to effectively control and minimise unwanted inrush current. This feature proves beneficial in mitigating the potentially harmful effects of excessive current at startup. Additionally, during regular operation, the resistance of our POWrTherm devices significantly decreases, allowing for improved efficiency across a wide range of applications. As power demands continue to grow in modern end products, achieving enhanced efficiency has become increasingly critical."

All seven protectors are available now and are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free.

By Seb Springall