Super Junction MOSFETs family optimised for hyperscale datacentres and more

04-05-2023 | Alpha and Omega Semiconductor | Power

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has released the 600V aMOS7 Super Junction MOSFETs Family. The device is the company's next-generation high-voltage MOSFET, developed to satisfy the high efficiency and high-density requirements of telecom rectifiers, solar Inverters, servers, workstations, EV charging, motor drives and industrial power applications.

Today's server power supply needs Titanium efficiency, which points to more than 98.5% peak efficiency on PFC and LLC stages. Active-Bridges and Bridgeless designs are simple-to-implement solutions; however, switching and driving losses, particularly at light load, are always the main problems designers encounter. Existing technologies limited by large cell pitches and charges could barely fulfil such needs.

Next-gen SJ technologies with decreased charge but also enough robustness is in demand. Low Qrr and Trr for LLC and PSFB applications are also necessary during transient and abnormal situations, and the new device is the most suitable answer for the above needs.

Low ohmic SMD devices are becoming the new standards for solar applications, seeking reduced form factors through employing 3D mechanical and thermal designs. The device offers a wide Rdson granularity and SMD package choices, including DFN, TOLL, and Top-cooling variants.

For low Fsw applications, including as SSRs or Active Bridges, FETs must fulfil specific SOA necessities to sustain surge and in-rush currents. The device provides low Rdson's temperature coefficient, and ruggedness for transient voltage and current overstresses.

The first product released – AOK050V60A7, is a 600V 50mOhm low ohmic device in the industry-standard TO-247 package tailored for today's high-power AC/DC, DC-DC, and Solar Inverter stages. As the EU ERP Lot9 regulation pushes the efficiency of single PSUs to Titanium level, this family offers an excellent solution for single, interleaved, dual boost, totem-pole, and Vienna PFCs, and other hard-switching topologies. The optimised capacitance of the product will supply customers with exceptional switching performances, with fast turn-on/turn-off behaviours, while evading the risks of self-turn-on or shoot-through. The 50mohm device will be followed by the company's upcoming 32mOhm, 40mOhm, 65mOhm, and 105mOhm devices.

"The new charge balance structure makes it possible to further reduce the active area up to 50%, compared to aMOS5, our existing solution. In general, aMOS7 is an industry-leading high voltage SJ solution designed to address both efficiency-driven and cost-driven markets," said Richard Zhang, senior director of Product Line and Global Power Supply businesses at AOS.


By Seb Springall

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