Smart accelerometers increase efficiency for wearables

23-05-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser now stocks the LIS2DUX12 and LIS2DUXS12 AI-enhanced smart accelerometers from STMicroelectronics. Using the company's third-generation MEMS technology, the accelerometers accurately detect events and gestures with high accuracy and low power consumption. The new smart accelerometers support a range of 'always-aware' applications, including asset trackers, game controllers, wearable devices, portable healthcare devices, and wireless sensor nodes. These AI-enhanced devices also incorporate a machine learning core with adaptive self-configuration, offloading host processing and facilitating faster system responses.

The LIS2DUX12 AI-enhanced smart accelerometer is a smart, digital, three-axis linear accelerometer. The device MEMS and ASIC combine low current consumption with always-on anti-aliasing filtering and a finite state machine. The extremely versatile accelerometer comprises four performance modes, including a high-performance mode with an anti-aliasing filter of 10.8µA, a low-power mode with an anti-aliasing filter of 6.2µA, an ultra-low power mode of 2.7µA, and a power-down mode at only 0.01µA.

The smart accelerometer includes the company's unique Qvar sensing channel and analog hub, which senses changes in the ambient electrostatic environment to facilitate presence and proximity detection. The Qvar sensing channel enables developers to add value to applications, including biometric sensing, liquid detection, and user-interface control.

By Seb Springall