Smallest and lightest mixed layout connectors for multiple applications

09-05-2023 | Powell Electronics | Industrial

Harwin offers a range of Gecko-MT 1.25mm pitch mixed layout connectors now available at Powell Electronics. These connectors are the smallest and lightest mixed-layout devices currently offered for high-performance applications where size, weight and power is crucial, e.g. aerospace, defence, motorsports, and others. The connectors have two or four power contacts and eight signal contacts, with 10A and 2A per contact for each type and a 1.25mm signal pin pitch to minimise size and weight.

Able to perform at extreme temperatures (operating temperature range is 65C to +150C), these devices offer 1000 mating cycles of durability, a four-finger patented contact design that sustains electrical contact via high vibration (up to 20G for 6h) and shock (up to 100G for 6ms) and stainless steel locking screws to secure the connection.

The components supply up to 50 contacts per connector and are provided in various configurations. The connectors also meet NASA and ESA outgassing requirements for usage in space. Cable housings are compatible with Gecko backshells, and PCB connectors are provided in vertical or right-angle versions. Lightweight metal hoods are offered for extra cable protection and shielding from RFI.

By Seb Springall