Pump solution tailored to the battery industry

24-05-2023 | SEEPEX | Power

SEEPEX pumps and pumping solutions complement the battery manufacturing process from start to finish. They are employed in raw material processing, electrode material production, film and cell production and battery recycling. The progressive cavity pumps convey binders, additives and active ingredients in ideal doses. The company also provides pumps for the efficient production of electrode pastes.

"As a globally sought-after specialist for progressive cavity pumps, pump systems and digital solutions, SEEPEX is helping to make the transition to greater sustainability a success," says Thomas Dufner, battery market manager at SEEPEX.

With the new BF range and its exceptional advantages, the company recommends itself as a dependable partner for the battery industry. The new pump can be installed quickly, has a flow rate of up to 30m³/h and operates at a pressure of up to 12 bar. It is obtainable in block or bare shaft design and can fulfil customer-specific drive needs. A TA-Luft or ATEX-certified version is also available.

The SEEPEX BF pump ensures safety, cleanliness, high product quality and cost efficiency. The precise performance supplies high-quality support to the production process. The maintenance-friendly design decreases downtime and the total cost of ownership. The quick installation/removal clamp connections and the removable rotating unit simplify replacement and maintenance work. Due to the company's focus on sustainability, the pump delivers a long product life with proper maintenance.

Battery production must be a clean business. The new range of pumps is clean and provides an important advantage.

"Operational safety and maximum cleanliness when using valuable dispersed raw materials were the driving forces behind the development of the BF range. It helps reduce total cost of ownership and improve energy efficiency in virtually all battery applications by eliminating contamination and being easy to maintain. Cleaning cycle failures and disposal of contaminated battery compounds are not only wasteful but also very costly," says Dufner. "Chemical resistance and chemically compatible materials are necessary to prevent contamination of expensive raw materials. With BF, we assure that the materials are chemically compatible. The stainless-steel design and flexible titanium shaft ensure contamination-free product quality. Contamination by oil or grease is impossible. The pumps can be thoroughly cleaned with common solvents and deionised water."

Battery compounds, from lithium to electrolyte, can be added to the mixing process in exact, drop-by-drop doses. Continuity and high repeatability are crucial during the formulation process. In the coating process, the pump directly impacts product quality by minimising variations in coating thickness. The range attains this continuity and high repeatability by using the company's progressive cavity pump principle with the advantage of extremely low pulsation. This provides the highest dosing accuracy, producing better coating results and more accurate slurry recipes.

The fast-growing lithium-ion battery industry demands a large number of cost-effective pumps. Particularly in China, availability and delivery reliability for large volumes are essential. According to industry sources, the world market leader plans to launch batteries with a volume of almost 900 gigawatt-hours this year. SEEPEX is well prepared: The German engineering company produces battery pumps locally in Shanghai and Bottrop, Germany, to offer large quantities with short delivery times.


By Seb Springall