Powering next-gen automotive edge sensors with new additions to family

31-05-2023 | AMD | Semiconductors

Edge sensors, including LiDAR, radar and 3D surround-view camera systems, are becoming more prevalent in the automotive market, particularly with the growing adoption of autonomous driving. As more sensors are required for autonomy, there are growing demands for faster signal processing, decreased device costs and smaller form factors. Functional safety is also essential for many of these autonomous applications.

To satisfy these market demands, AMD has introduced two additions to its Automotive XA Artix UltraScale+ family: the XA AU10P and XA AU15P cost-optimised processors, which are automotive-qualified and optimised for use in ADAS sensor applications. The devices expand the company's portfolio of automotive-grade, functional-safety proven and highly scalable FPGA and adaptive SoCs, joining the automotive-grade Spartan 7, Zynq 7000 and Zynq UltraScale+ product families.

These processors are certified for functional safety up to ASIL-B, which is crucial for automotive ADAS sensors from cameras to LiDARs, allowing its customers – carmakers, robotaxi developers and Tier 1 suppliers – to speed up the development of autonomous vehicles.

"As automotive systems have grown in complexity, safety is more critical than ever before with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers requiring ASIL-B certification for LiDAR, radar and smart edge sensor applications," said Ian Riches, vice president, global automotive practice, TechInsights. "Through the release of the new XA Artix UltraScale+ devices, AMD is demonstrating its continued commitment and investment in the latest functional safety solutions to serve the automotive market."

These new, cost-optimised XA Artix FPGAs provide high serial bandwidth and signal compute density in an ultra-compact form factor. The devices maximise system performance through DSP bandwidth for cost-sensitive and low-power ADAS edge applications, including networking, vision and video processing and secure connectivity.


By Seb Springall

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