PMIC offers high-performance energy harvesting for low power applications

15-05-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser now stocks the Nexperia NEH2000BYJ energy harvesting PMIC. The NEH2000BYJ PMIC harvests energy a PV cell generates, which charges a rechargeable battery. The new PMIC is an excellent option for low-power applications, including wireless IoT devices, smart remote controls, wearable devices, and industrial and environmental monitoring.

The PMIC incorporates pre-sets on the chip, simplifying the implementation of energy harvesting designs. This provides an unprecedented ease of use for engineers. Even with limited energy harvesting knowledge, it is feasible to quickly integrate and deploy high-performing energy harvesting in new product designs.

The advanced MPPT utilises an embedded hill-climbing algorithm to provide the maximum power to the load. The MPPT is developed to be independent of specific characteristics of the harvesters; therefore, any harvester that fits the chip's specifications can be employed. Also, the MPPT circuit can detect the maximum power point with an interval of 0.7 seconds resulting in maximum efficiency in varied environments where energy can rapidly change over time. The MPPT functions autonomously and needs no pre-programming. Consequently, self-optimisation makes it no longer necessary to need an extremely detailed understanding of the fluctuating environment.

The PMIC provides a harvesting power range from 35μW to 2mW and is available in a compact, 16-lead 3mm × 3mm QFN package, excellent for space-constrained applications.


By Seb Springall

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