New high-power triple output battery testing and recycling devices

25-05-2023 | EA Elektro-Automatik | Power

EA Elektro-Automatik GmbH and Co KG offers the EA-BT 20000 Triple Battery Tester, claimed to be the only battery tester instrument with three channels and the highest voltage and current outputs.

The new instruments are able to test up to three battery cells, modules or packs simultaneously with the power capacity of 4kW/channel, 6kW/channel and 10kW/channel. Moreover, the channels may be paralleled to test higher capacity batteries to test 12kW, 18kW, and 30kW battery packs. The series comprises eight models with voltage outputs from 10V to 920V and current outputs/channels of 40A to 600A. Unlike other battery testing instruments on the market, one of these devices can continuously supply three channels of 600A or a single channel delivering 1800A.

These battery testers fulfil the complete range of the battery life cycle from materials research to battery development, incoming inspection, manufacturing, and second-life battery recycling. It can test individual cells, battery modules, and large battery packs for basic research and industries comprising the automotive industry, the aerospace/defence industry, and consumer renewable energy systems.

The battery testers include all the functionality in one instrument to charge and discharge high-power battery packs for battery testing, simulation, and recycling. The testers measure parameters such as battery State-of-Health and End-of-Life. The testers also incorporate controls for external circuit breakers and other safety features to monitor and protect the battery under test.

The EA-Power Control and EA-Battery Simulator software packages provide automated tester control and enable test configuration and sequencing without using a programming language.

The device is a fully integrated battery tester. It offers the highest power capacity to test various cells, modules, and battery packs. It is the complete solution to provide the development, testing, and recycling of current and future battery technologies and battery capacities.

A single-channel version of the device is also offered for applications needing less capacity. The single-channel version has all the safety and high-speed communication advantages of the triple-output instrument but with up to 2000V and 1000A output.

By Seb Springall